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Jan 30,2023 | Urbeau

During the 2022 year end festive period, we, URBEAU, participated in a pop up bazaar organised by Shoppes at Four Seasons Place which was held from 11th – 26th December 2022. Our line of AMIRO products were displayed alongside other products from other categories such as food, clothing, fitness, accessories, etc. We decorated our booth to fit the Christmas theme. 

For this event, apart from the RF Facial Device, Makeup Mirror, and Hair Removal Device, we also displayed and sold limited edition Oath Series which comes in green and red colours. The limited-edition series were packed in a beautiful box packaging which includes a scarf and essential oil in it. We also had a lot of enquiries on the R1 pro from the working crowd. 

As the location of Four Seasons Place is right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, there were a lot of working crowds that enquired our products during lunchtime on working days. As for the weekends, there were Christmas carolling sessions which draws the crowd. It was a good location for us to market our brand and to bring brand awareness to Malaysians as well as tourists.